Sunday, 29 July 2012

A dress I want to make.....

Porcelain blooms and whimsical silhouettes painted Erdem's picturesque SS12 campaign, and this floral-print chiffon dress captivated us on the runway. The pleated skirt beautifully sways with every move while the portrait neckline creates an elegant décolletage.
•Multicolored floral-print chiffon
•Portrait neck, boned crepe bodice, button-detailed placket, sheer three-quarter sleeves, pleated skirt, fully lined
•Concealed hook and zip fastening at back
•100% polyester; lining: 100% silk

Saturday, 28 July 2012


See, Mignonne, hath not the Rose,
That this morning did unclose
Her purple mantle to the light,
Lost, before the day be dead,
The glory of her raiment red,
Her colour, bright as yours is bright?

Ah, Mignonne, in how few hours,
The petals of her purple flowers
All have faded, fallen, died;
Sad Nature, mother ruinous,
That seest thy fair child perish thus
'Twixt matin song and even tide.

Hear me, my darling, speaking sooth,
Gather the fleet flower of your youth,
Take ye your pleasure at the best;
Be merry ere your beauty flit,
For length of days will tarnish it
Like roses that were loveliest.

Olympics opening ceremony ~ London 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Friends and moving on...

Image by fifi lapin - Unlikely - but powerful - force in fashion' VOGUE 'Super-chic et charmante' MARIE CLAIRE 'The world's most stylish bunny' ELLE

I often feel lost and unhappy with myself.  My problem is that I just accept my life as it is and don't change.

One of my issues are my "friends" a couple I went to school with over 12 years ago.... Thinking about them makes me upset so I am going to write these down as to clear my head.

I have an  "friend" who lives a few of roads away but when we are due to meet up she always says she has something else that comes up or is stressed, worries about things, looking for a job etc....fair enough...but it's not fair when I found out through facebook that she has been seeing her other friends....clearly she isn't having a serious breakdown she  doesn't  really care and the friendship is basicially non existent .  Why did she say "let's meet up etc..." then to cancel and then spend time with her other friends.  I haven't seen her since January. So confusing, but those facebook posts confirm that it wasn't in her heart so at least I now know.

Another "friend" has just drifted, she has a husband and young girl and secured a  (demanding) job over the past half year or so, I just don't know her now and guess never really knew her well,although I went to her wedding abroad. But it used to hurt when she was more in touch with that other friend I just wrote about and  hardly heard from her even though I rang her and had long conversations sometimes.

Time to move away from such friends, thay are like toxins to my emotional health....

Have you ever had friendship problems that left you feeling seriously upset?

Friday, 20 July 2012

"unaccountably we are alone
forever alone
and it was meant to be
that way,
it was never meant
to be any other way—
and when the death struggle
the last thing I wish to see
a ring of human faces
hovering over me—
better just my old friends,
the walls of my self,
let only them be there.
I have been alone but seldom
I have satisfied my thirst
at the well
of my self
and that wine was good,
the best I ever had,
and to night
staring into the dark
I now finally understand
the dark and the
light and everything
in between.
peace of mind and heart
when we accept what
having been
born into this
strange life
we must accept
the wasted gamble of our
and take some satisfaction in
the pleasure of
leaving it all
cry not for me.
grieve not for me.
what I’ve written
forget it
drink from the well
of your self
and begin

- Charles Bukowski, Mind and Heart, from the Pleasures of the Damned
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Monday, 16 July 2012

Inspiration decor

Photo by Garance Dore

Friday, 13 July 2012

Make up dreams

I came across a blog called Into the gloss  and then came across this photo. This model is wearing Chantecaille make up.

I'm in love with these Chantecaille...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Antik Batik

An eclectic melting pot of European and Indonesian influences, Antik Batik’s fabulously romantic designs combine colorful prints with eye-catching embellishments. Choose from beautifully beaded shoulder bags, tribal-inspired patterned dresses and luxe beach coverups.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Vintage love

Fox&Squirrel vintage walk
Over the past year or so I have become obsessed with vintage clothes. A lot of my leisure clothes are second hand and vintage.   I have a few treasures which I found through Urban Outfitters- a blue floral dress, skirts from ebay, Etsy and a vintage online shop.

So why buy vintage (from Candy says website

Individuality: Why wear something that someone else might be wearing? You won’t see most of these items ever again so there is no chance of turning up at a special occasion in the same frock as the host!
But remember, if you love something, do not hesitate – every piece is unique, and if you don't snap it up there and then, it could be gone when you go back for it (oh, the injustice of it all)!
Indulgence and nostalgia: Create some nostalgia for yesteryear, turn some heads, get a unique vintage look right out of the movies, create conversation and be seen! You can indulge yourself, be Rita Hayworth or Doris Day one minute, Betty Page the next, and Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton at the weekend!
As an investment: As vintage clothing becomes more collectable, rare and popular, the prices rise, so vintage can be a great investment for the future. For example, a good quality 1950's cotton dress sold for around £40 - £50 five years ago would fetch around £70 - £80 today – quite an increase and a good incentive to look after your vintage purchases.
It's eco-friendly: Who can argue with that! Recycling and re-using vintage clothing means you are not only doing your bit to help the earth by discouraging the production of more throw-away fashion, but you are also getting a much better quality, unique and individual product at a better price.
Superior Quality: The high street will try to imitate, but you can't beat original vintage – the quality is much better than most high street items produced today, plus many of today's designs lack the originality and attention to detail which give a vintage garment it's charm.

Moss Roses in a Vase, 1882, by Édouard Manet

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cos Tailored panel Dress and my new style era.

 The unexamined life is not worth living~ Socrates.

Clothing and style can be a dear part of one's life and  needs reinventing now and again.

 I like this dress by Cos. My style in the past has been largely a little frilly, flowery, and a touch girly. I am still a little attached to that style but as I'm now 30 I prefer classic designs. Cos addresses my new style era of favouring style over fashion.    I will invest my spending on classics like this dress and some vintage pieces for weekends and leisure.

From their website:
 " COS, Collection Of Style, is for men and women who want high end design and good quality at an affordable price. Since our launch in 2007, COS has opened over 40 stores across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, each one placed in a carefully considered location with a design concept that preserves buildings’ original features whilst creating a modern gallery space for our collection.
Always exploring our original concept of favouring style over fashion, COS appreciates timeless design that lives beyond the season. Merging traditional methods with new techniques and innovative fabrics, we work hard to create fashion pieces that look and feel at once classic and modern. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail shown in every garment and the wide breadth of inspiration that defines our collections.
COS likes functional design crafted from simple ideas.
Welcome to COS"