Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cos Tailored panel Dress and my new style era.

 The unexamined life is not worth living~ Socrates.

Clothing and style can be a dear part of one's life and  needs reinventing now and again.

 I like this dress by Cos. My style in the past has been largely a little frilly, flowery, and a touch girly. I am still a little attached to that style but as I'm now 30 I prefer classic designs. Cos addresses my new style era of favouring style over fashion.    I will invest my spending on classics like this dress and some vintage pieces for weekends and leisure.

From their website:
 " COS, Collection Of Style, is for men and women who want high end design and good quality at an affordable price. Since our launch in 2007, COS has opened over 40 stores across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, each one placed in a carefully considered location with a design concept that preserves buildings’ original features whilst creating a modern gallery space for our collection.
Always exploring our original concept of favouring style over fashion, COS appreciates timeless design that lives beyond the season. Merging traditional methods with new techniques and innovative fabrics, we work hard to create fashion pieces that look and feel at once classic and modern. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail shown in every garment and the wide breadth of inspiration that defines our collections.
COS likes functional design crafted from simple ideas.
Welcome to COS"


  1. Thanks Veby. Cos sell nice classic dresses which one can wear in their 20's or 80's :)