Sunday, 22 July 2012

Friends and moving on...

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I often feel lost and unhappy with myself.  My problem is that I just accept my life as it is and don't change.

One of my issues are my "friends" a couple I went to school with over 12 years ago.... Thinking about them makes me upset so I am going to write these down as to clear my head.

I have an  "friend" who lives a few of roads away but when we are due to meet up she always says she has something else that comes up or is stressed, worries about things, looking for a job etc....fair enough...but it's not fair when I found out through facebook that she has been seeing her other friends....clearly she isn't having a serious breakdown she  doesn't  really care and the friendship is basicially non existent .  Why did she say "let's meet up etc..." then to cancel and then spend time with her other friends.  I haven't seen her since January. So confusing, but those facebook posts confirm that it wasn't in her heart so at least I now know.

Another "friend" has just drifted, she has a husband and young girl and secured a  (demanding) job over the past half year or so, I just don't know her now and guess never really knew her well,although I went to her wedding abroad. But it used to hurt when she was more in touch with that other friend I just wrote about and  hardly heard from her even though I rang her and had long conversations sometimes.

Time to move away from such friends, thay are like toxins to my emotional health....

Have you ever had friendship problems that left you feeling seriously upset?

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