Sunday, 4 November 2018

Curating style

Image from AW18 Cookbook
I love looking through designers Lookbooks, they bring items of clothing and accessories to life, they show a story, encourage collaborations and are instrumental in getting sales for the designer too.

I came across a Spanish Brand called Sunad, this brand solely focuses on the shirt and its variations. The brand is in love with the 70's YSL woman and applies this aesthetic to its creations.

This shot above on the right captured my attention, the shine of the silk, the beautiful terracotta colour and the warmth of the sun.

Monday, 27 August 2018


An old photo of a time spent in Tarragona, Spain
Health is wealth. This is well known but probably not followed by most of the population, myself included.

I have had a knee issue for a while and had surgery very recently. I will be stuck at home for a few weeks. So far I have been watching the British Asian Summer programmes on BBCiplayer, the programmes are great and I learnt a lot about how South East Asians are making their own marks and how India itself is rapidly changing. If this interests you and you are based the UK watch the programmes before they disappear from BBCiplayer.

How do you balance your health with other demands on your life?  It feels as though societies generally put too much focus in work, financial health and  for young people being absorbed with social media, which is taking up a lot of people’s time.

I try and have a detox from my mobile phone every few months.
I’m also trying to revisit my interests which are practical like painting, making ceramics and writing. Stepping away from screens and consumerism is a Great step. Lock away your credit card from impulse buying. Impulse buying I find is only very short term saltisfaction.

I’m also trying to cultivate a small allotment and small garden with vegetables, fruit and flowers.

I’m hoping these steps will help me feel healthier and at peace with myself.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Languorous UK summer of 2018

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Although us Brits are famous for the small talk about weather, I can say we struggled talking about it everyday and struggled with the heat (the warmest since 1976!). We had train cancellations, delays, a hose pipe ban in the North and melting roads too. I know First world problems, right?

Scientists believe that Climate change is partially to blame and believe that by 2040 this could be the norm. Joking aside, this could spell serious trouble for our habitats, farmers, farmers crops suffered this summer ( Brexit is on the horizon too, which is likely to impact farmers income). This may change our ecosystem too.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

How to search for clothing items online

I would like to share my tips on how to make the most of your online search when searching for an item or a similar item that is sold out.

This may be obvious but searching for colours or different shades of the same colour can help- for example honey, apricot , mango may yield the better search returns for a colour hue item.

If an item is sold out you may find it or a similar item on Ebay, Esty or if a high end high street designer or a high end designer like Celine, visit Vestaire Collective that sells used items of clothing and accessories which are reviewed by them before they are shipped out.

I'm based in the UK and the Shop Style UK is a good place to search for items which span may retailers and many brands.

If you come across a brand or website you like be sure to save it in your bookmarks or make a note, some designers don't always appear on search sites like Shop Style UK. Before you know it that designer has escaped your memory- or maybe not, my brain isn't as good as it used to be! -

Try and search for a few key words or the full designer description of the item, the internet is so powerful that it can pick up search returns from websites worldwide.

Lastly be a conscious shopper, with the rise of internet shopping we have largely become throwaway consumers which damages the environment and devalues fashion in my opinion. My tip is try to sleep on it before buying the item you immediately long to have- how often will you wear this? Is it versatile? Is it timeless? Is it memorable and personal to you? Is it for a special event and you know you will treasure and possibly hand down to your family or a special friend?

 Best wishes with your searches and happy conscious shopping.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Romancing the rose


Roses have captured many hearts over the centuries....

I have recently become obsessed about learning about roses and also planting roses in my small garden. The old roses fascinate me the most, I love old things and such roses often have the most scent and are unique characters in their own right.