Sunday, 8 July 2012

Vintage love

Fox&Squirrel vintage walk
Over the past year or so I have become obsessed with vintage clothes. A lot of my leisure clothes are second hand and vintage.   I have a few treasures which I found through Urban Outfitters- a blue floral dress, skirts from ebay, Etsy and a vintage online shop.

So why buy vintage (from Candy says website

Individuality: Why wear something that someone else might be wearing? You won’t see most of these items ever again so there is no chance of turning up at a special occasion in the same frock as the host!
But remember, if you love something, do not hesitate – every piece is unique, and if you don't snap it up there and then, it could be gone when you go back for it (oh, the injustice of it all)!
Indulgence and nostalgia: Create some nostalgia for yesteryear, turn some heads, get a unique vintage look right out of the movies, create conversation and be seen! You can indulge yourself, be Rita Hayworth or Doris Day one minute, Betty Page the next, and Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton at the weekend!
As an investment: As vintage clothing becomes more collectable, rare and popular, the prices rise, so vintage can be a great investment for the future. For example, a good quality 1950's cotton dress sold for around £40 - £50 five years ago would fetch around £70 - £80 today – quite an increase and a good incentive to look after your vintage purchases.
It's eco-friendly: Who can argue with that! Recycling and re-using vintage clothing means you are not only doing your bit to help the earth by discouraging the production of more throw-away fashion, but you are also getting a much better quality, unique and individual product at a better price.
Superior Quality: The high street will try to imitate, but you can't beat original vintage – the quality is much better than most high street items produced today, plus many of today's designs lack the originality and attention to detail which give a vintage garment it's charm.

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