Saturday, 16 March 2013

Estelle Dévé Nuri choker / bracelet


I grew up hating gold.  My parents are from the Indian subcontinent and there, there is a big obsession with really yellow, strong gold jewellery.Women are generally expected to adorn themselves in gold be it the real thing or costume jewellery at weddings even as guests- this is now changing though. During my younger years I rebelled and refused to wear gold costume jewellery in any form (I never received or bothered asking for the real thing as presents nor desired it- saved more than pennies there anyhow for everyone concerned!!). All I had were a few sterling silver rings, costume jewellery and silver coloured necklaces.

As they say people change...this only really happened when I came across Estelle Dévé's jewellery. She is a French jewellery designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

What I really like about  Estelle Dévé's designs are that they are unusual and elegant, organic and like mini sculptures and ornaments without being sentimental. They can be part of one's day and evening and I feel with time they will be as jewellery should be- treasured possessions and full of memories. 


  1. This necklace is beautiful. I love how raw it looks. Super interesting reading about the tradition of wearing gold in India! I didn't know that. xx