Saturday, 23 March 2013

Inspiration- creating your own work and following your dreams

ana kraš


Lina Scheynius

Over the past year I have been inspired by people, largely women who have created their own ventures by following their heart and passions. Examples include 

Ana Kraš

Garance Dore
Yasmin Sewell and my friend
Lauren Whitworth

So how does one make the leap creating something from a blank canvas?  You already have the capabilities waiting to blossom so the key is really resources, planning, organisation and support.  

I'm hoping to create a creative venture this summer.


  1. I find the most important thing is follow through. Coming up with an idea is one thing but following through with it is another one completely. I find Caroline Issa quite inspiring. xx

  2. True. I also admire Caroline
    Thanks Jen
    Polly xx