Sunday, 20 January 2013

V is for Vintage

From Frou Frouu blog ~ Nadia Sarwar
Those who read my blog know that I love vintage.

What I really like about vintage is that:

1) The item itself is likely to be pretty unique- you won't find it mass produced and good vintage items have stood the test of time and with care will continue to do so.

2) Design- whether the vintage item is an item of clothing or furniture the patterns and shapes are unlikely to be found elsewhere and can lead to inspiration for decoration and accessorizing. Needless to say a beautiful vintage item makes a unique gift.

3) History and nostalgia- I am a romantic at heart and prefer my life to have meanings attached. I love flowers, patterns and flowy dresses so the 70's is my vintage decade :)

4) Environment, recycling- Vintage falls within the subset of second-hand so one is helping the environment to an extent.

5) Price- Good vintage does not cost the earth and there are bargains out there. It just takes time and patience to find. I don't have much vintage items but some of the good items that I have I have found indirectly by being inspired by blogs. Google can work wonders in this area.


  1. Love your explanation of why you love vintage. Also, that photo of Nadia is gorgeous. xx

  2. Thanks Jen. I hope you are enjoying learning Deutsch, I keep meaning to start learning again....xx