Saturday, 26 January 2013

The colour purple

der liebling x maritsa amethyst necklace

“Well, life isn't a cakewalk, is it?! Eighty-nine percent of the world's most valuable art was created by men living in rat-infested flats. You think Velásquez wore Adidas? You think he enjoyed the luxuries of central heating and twenty-four-hour pizza delivery?!” 
― Marisha Pessl
moleskine diary
“No wonder so many adults long to return to university, to all those deadlines--ahhh, that structure! Scaffolding to which we may cling! Even if it is arbitrary, without it, we're lost, wholly incapable of separating the Romantic from the Victorian in our sad, bewildering lives...” 
― Marisha PesslSpecial Topics in Calamity Physics

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