Friday, 15 February 2013

What's in your bag?

Several years ago I was obsessed with photography and Flickr. I took part in a "What's in your bag" group and wanted to revisit this question to see how much my lifestyle has changed with time.

My bag contains on a daily basis:

A mobile phone
My Purse
A book- currently Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
A magazine- often the free Stylist distributed widely in London, Tank magazine or The Gentlewoman magazine
A moleskine purple daily diary
A small moleskine purple notebook
A small Map book of London-  I struggle to cope with maps on my phone, it takes a while to load and the blue flashing arrow is rarely accurate, I almost was late to an interview a year ago while relying on this, thankfully friendly strangers helped me when I frantically sought the obscure street in the dark evening. Tip for non-Londoners- London is a crazy place regarding streets and finding places - always travel to get to appointments super early. I find my little map book so reassuring.
Old train tickets
A few pens
Lip balm- Neals yard and Korres wild rose
Tanin lipstick by Bite beauty
Lip brush
Small mirror


  1. Oh my goodness! You carry so much stuff in your bag! I've just got my wallet and keys! xx

  2. I should really travel lighter- I'm a hoarder really. I just get bored on trains and feel the need to carry extra things. I should try to be like Carine Roitfeld who apparently doesn't like carrying any bags.