Monday, 27 August 2012

End of a journey

photo by Irene Suchocki

 I am nearly reaching the end of a journey, it has been tough and heartbreaking at times and has left be feeling tired and dry.I hope to enjoy the Autumn once it is all over.
photo by Irene Suchocki                                                                                                   The dreams I had I didn't reach, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming

  1. I hope to be happier and enjoy the fruits of the earth again.
  2. To achieve as many of my goals as possible
  3. To forge new networks with positivity

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Late August by Margaret Atwood

Non fiction book #1

The first book is You can't read this book- censorship in an age of freedom by Nick Cohen.
From Amazon UK:
From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the advert of the Web, everywhere you turn you are told that we live in age of unparalleled freedom. This is dangerously naïve. From the revolution in Iran that wasn’t to the imposition of super-injunctions from the filthy rich, we still live in a world where you can write a book and end up dead.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of Communism, and the advent of the Web which allowed for even the smallest voice to be heard, everywhere you turned you were told that we were living in an age of unparalleled freedom.
You Can't Read This Book argues that this view is dangerously naive. From the revolution in Iran that wasn't, to the Great Firewall of China and the imposition of super-injunctions from the filthy rich protecting their privacy, the traditional opponents of freedom of speech - religious fanaticism, plutocratic power and dictatorial states - are thriving, and in many respects finding the world a more comfortable place in the early 21st century than they did in the late 20th.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

girl crush #3 Yasmin Sewell

Alas another inspirational woman, isn't she beautiful and I love her hair, she looks like a strong person. Yasmin Sewell has a fashion consultancy and has a wealth of experience in fashion buying and tend analysis. She's one cool aussie :-D

Read this article and watch the interview her   images are from

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Non fiction book club

I joined a non-fiction book club yesterday. I'm really looking forward to reading books and discussing them over brunch.

Some non fiction books which I want to read are (text and links Guardian UK news site):
The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes (1980)
Hughes charts the story of modern art, from cubism to the avant garde
The Story of Art by Ernst Gombrich (1950)
The most popular art book in history. Gombrich examines the technical and aesthetic problems confronted by artists since the dawn of time
Ways of Seeing by John Berger (1972)
A study of the ways in which we look at art, which changed the terms of a generation's engagement with visual culture
Mythologies by Roland Barthes (1972)
Barthes gets under the surface of the meanings of the things which surround us in these witty studies of contemporary myth-making
Orientalism by Edward Said (1978)
Said argues that romanticised western representations of Arab culture are political and condescending

From the Ruins of Empire by Pankaj Mishra