Sunday, 2 December 2012

Interview: Banu Kent, der liebling

Banu Kent

I love coming across new talent and the beauty of the web is that you can discover wonderful creations worldwide, one is no longer limited to domestic products, services and inspirations as compared to over a decade ago.

I came across Banu Kent's jewellery creations via Banu is based in Istanbul.  I have conversed with her by email and have purchased a few of her beautiful braided necklaces. Her brand is der liebling which means "the darling" in German.  Banu's latest project is der liebling x martisa a collaboration on a world of semi precious gemstones.

You can therefore sense that I was excited when she kindly agreed to an interview. Firstly here are a few photos of her new designs:

The model is M of

These and a few more beautiful designs  are currently available for purchase online at


1)  What inspired you to become a jewellery designer and maker? 

I can`t really call myself a jewellery designer as I had no intentions to become one. I just love jewellery and to create something, anything. 

2) Do you make all the pieces yourself?

Yes and with the help of the craftmen in the small atelier where we work together.

3)  How do you design your jewellery as in what is your thought and design process?

It really comes naturally. Like love at first sight... When I see something that inspires me I immediately start thinking about the creation process and the end product. So I sit behind my work table and play until I get it right. Sometimes I end up creating a piece that is completely different than what I intended at first. 

4) What are your plans say in five years time?

I have no clue... Most probably, to stay excited and inspired, travel a lot, love and make beautiful things?

5) What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

I love everything what the nature has to offer and use them in my jewellery.

6) It's great that Turkey as an emerging market is showing great talent in the arts and culture. What are your favourite places in Istanbul?

Turkey, especially Istanbul has started to raise many young talents in the past few years. After I moved back from Amsterdam where I lived for 7 years, I was really amazed how much the city had evolved. Each month I discover a new art gallery, a cosy corner cafe and music venues. The city is inspiring and never sleeping! My favourite places in Istanbul would be the old parts; the area around the Grand Bazaar which is heaven for curious explorers like me and any area along the Boshporous where you can enjoy the amazing view and the smell of the salty sea.

7)Any chance you may venture into rings?  Rings are my favourite and I have weakness for rings!  

 Yes! I am working on couple of designs at the moment. Hope soon they will be finished so I can share them with the rest of the world :-)

Many thanks Banu for the interview. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing and hearing more about your beautiful work.  

You can follow Banu Kent on and facebook.

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