Saturday, 29 December 2012

Gyrotonic method

One of my new years resolutions which I will have to address is my health.  After almost a decade of desk and office jobs plus studying evenings and weekends has seriously messed up my health. Humans are designed for activity not desk jobs and surfing the internet as hobbies.....  I came across the gyrotonic method when I read an interview where Yasmin Sewell said she does Gyrotonic. It sounds ideal for me as it addresses the body, mind and emotions- what a trio and much needed! Thanks Yasmin for  the inspiration.


The Gyrotonic method is a movement modality that contains similar elements to those found in yoga, but it is not derived from yoga. It links movement with breath, working to increase the natural flexibility of the spine and simultaneously strengthening and stretching the musculature.
What makes it different from yoga is that it is less linear and more 3 dimensional, with a greater emphasis on spiraling and twisting.
Holistic in nature, Gyrotonic exercises address the body, mind and the emotions. The movements promote a tremendous sense of well-being, delivering increased energy, greater mind-body awareness, long, lean muscles, improved posture and a strong core.
The Gyrotonic method uses specialised equipment to take the body beyond its limitations, the principle piece of equipment used being the Pulley Tower.
The Gyrotonic method delivers powerful cross training for all, including yogis, dancers and athletes. Plus, because it is low impact, Gyrotonic exercises are also highly beneficial for people of a certain age, pre and post-natal women and those recovering from injuries.
Benefits include:
    •    Spinal mobility
    •    Strong abdominals
    •    Long, lean muscle development
    •    Increased range of motion
    •    Improved posture
    •    Improved co-ordination
    •    Relief and prevention of chronic injuries
    •    Increased energy levels
I'll let you know how I get on in the new year :-D 

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