Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wimbledon book club- a very brief review

Right! I have to get this off my chest as I'm still angry and upset about this.

I joined this bookclub as its not miles away from my workplace and sounded like a great club to discover and discuss books.

I joined a few years ago but only recently participated in a discussion and meet up.  Due to life and its unpredictability and its stresses I was unable to make it for the last two sessions, which I had booked and paid for (£2.50 per session and £2.50 club joining fee ( joining fee is a one off)).

The club organizer is very strict about attendance- two strikes within 48 hours of the club meeting and you are out! And banned from rejoining!!

Well I cancelled the last one before the 48 hours and was struck off. I contacted the organiser and I was shocked and offended by his email to me.....

Basically he said that I only appear to go for famous reading books and even then bail myself out of the sessions!!  Excuse me.....

1) Two of the books I was interested in were not FAMOUS to me- they only came to my attention through the book club. I selected them as I wanted to broaden my reading horizon.
2) I had cancelled before the 48 hours as stated by the club policy
3) If such books are considered FAMOUS then why bother putting them forward for the club to read????? Is the club some kind of cult on "oh we only read unique intellectual books, la di da di da?
4) Don't you dare make assumptions about me based on some books I signed up for and yeah I bailed myself out- how dare he phrase it like that- I had other life matters to deal with!!!

Seriously I enjoyed the book discussion I went to and was looking forward to meeting up again to discuss more books.  and I was shocked by the tone and nature of his email sent to me. Clearly he takes no prisoners...

Anyway I had to get this off my chest as its bad to keep anger locked up inside oneself.

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