Saturday, 21 January 2012


Ahh yes I loved the Sherlock (bbc version) Reichenbach Falls. It was simply brilliant all round. What a joy it was to watch. Thanks Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss!

The modernised series was clever, funny and wonderful acting performances- I mean Richard Brook (Moriarty) acting as an actor!! Swaying  in front of the crown Jewels :D ... and playing "Staying alive" on his mobile before his "final?" meeting with Sherlock (I think Moriarty is dead but hey anything is possible).

I don't watch much television but this in my opinion was the greatest thing  I've watched for a long long time, in fact apart from watching The Killing (slightly different genre obviously but I always looked forward with eager anticipation for each episode) I don't thing I've been so happy watching telly, and having that content happylicious feeling. The feeling that the drama was wonderful.

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