Saturday, 14 January 2012

late spring & early summer

Late spring and early summer is my favourite time of the year. I love the cherry blossoms and flowers season. Peonies are the leading ladies in my floral world. I started painting in oils last summer and have yet to finish a painting of peonies in a vase.
I'm reading a series of short stories by Tobias Wolff titled, "Our story begins". There is something unique and satisfying when one has read a good short story.
Our Story Begins combines twenty-one of Tobias Wolff's stories , spanning three decades and confirming Wolff's status as a master of the genre. These stories of war, morality, frustration, loneliness and love trace a path through the everyday and the extraordinary, shedding a poignant yet hopeful light on American life and the intricate truths of human nature.
His writing is amazing, fresh and original. The stories make you think about a lot of things. From : Great is an overused word but Tobias Wolff justifies it. This is an essential book which demonstrates the enduring talent of a truly great writer' Spectator 'Masterly Nothing happens and yet everything happens in less than nine pages. The effect is devastating' Sunday Telegraph 'To read a Tobias Wolff story is to sink into the soft seat of your grandfather's strong, modest old Buick and let yourself be carried through an America of small towns, small joys, small struggles and small despairs - a landscape so familiar as to be invisible, the landscape of homeland' New York Times 'Lucid, funny, sad, never knowingly overstated, his best stories are small miracles of writerly technique the best introduction to this fine writer's fiction' Guardian

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