Monday, 15 August 2011

The Skin I'm in

No this isn't me- I wish I had radiant skin like this young woman! Although maybe she is wearing makeup and illuminator? Image from

For some reason this photo also reminds me of my drama classes at school and also a workshop training programme I attended a couple of years ago, it must be the theatrical effect and the black top (we had to wear all black for our drama classes at school). Wow those drama lessons have left an imprint on my memory- this was 15 years ago!

It's often said the way your skin looks shows your state of being. Mine is rather dry and dull. Just like my life over the past 5 years :(

To be honest I don't really look after it so its my problem really. In the past I have tried various organic creams and oils and the effect is short lived, so I half gave up just exfoliating with St Ives radiance cleanser and rubbing in some Astral or Nivea before dashing out anywhere. Yes I normally neglect my skin when I just bum around at home...

So is there a secret to good skin? I don't know but I'm not going to save up for any expensive creams. I shall:

1) Drink several glasses of water a day
2) Eat raw fruit and veg (try for five a day)
3) Exercise more- Join Netball club if evening classes in Sept don't clash, or go jogging twice a week.
4) Try to do happy things once a week or more like watch a good film, read a good book, paint or play my guitar.

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