Friday, 12 August 2011

Finding square holes

have you ever had a mini-crisis? Where your world kind of comes crashing down and you question why you are following your lifestyle, current job and other attachments which suddenly appear poisonous and painful to you? Well it has HIT me.

I'm trying to find a job I will like and enjoy and feel happy with. I had an interview today but not sure that it went well? You know when you're not sure if your instincts are right and you blank out what you said and/or overreact afterwards? I'll find out on Monday, whatever happens, happens.

I WILL enjoy the weekend, I will enjoy the weekend, I will enjoy the infinitum......and I will pray that my life becomes happier at least in the work respect....

Update 15.08.2011-I didn't get the job, but on reflection it wasn't really for me and would have been simply an escape from my current role.

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