Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Fifty shades of....Pink

Ulla Johnson Francine dress, image from Ullajohnson.com site October 2017
Pink is actually a rather versatile colour, believe it or not apparently it can also be rather masculine, well according to an interiors and fashion magazine I came across recently- although I highly doubt that you will be finding pink baby clothing for baby boys and toddlers anytime soon.

Anyway pink for me has always been soothing, pretty or shocking, this colour can be as versatile and dramatic as you like, I think its the only colour that has that potential with softness, femininity, comfort and vibrancy across its various hues. I'm surprised that is hasn't been celebrated so much, is this possibly to due with its association to the social fabric of being 'girly'? Regardless pink has made an appearance recently with suits, dresses and even coats. Yep this is across the high street and designer runways. I say appearance because it is like a shooting star, fleeting and not everywhere. That way one can appreciate it more, right?

The colour of the above dress by designer Ulla Johnson is called Antique rose, you my call this dusty rose, dusky rose or even blush. It is actually one of my favourite colours and is coveted be it a diary, notebook or pretty much anything else. I will just have try to to grab a few chances while it enjoys its mini renaissance as a 'serious' colour.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Autumn days

So we are really now into Autumn as it is nearly mid October.

I have been occupied with a few things and feel like I have really neglected this blog. I hope to resume my blogging activities over the next few months and to update you on a few personal projects that I have been working on.

As for the photo which I found on the internet a few years back, I am happy that with the small garden that I have, I am lucky to have had beautiful blooms from Spring to even now with Autumnal roses blooming.

Enjoy your weekends & bye for now.

Sunday, 16 July 2017


I spent a half atmospheric dark, wet and rainy morning and half dreamy sunny afternoon in Charleston (in Sussex, England) recently, if you are interested in learning about the Bloomsbury set (Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant etc) and love gardens try and visit one day. It truly is a painters place and the house is pretty amazing with its painted designs, handmade curtains, rugs and ceramics. I caught a glimpse of the Guest room and the dusky pinks will make me want to visit again. The designs and decor in the house overall were revolutionary for that period.

The garden (recreated in the style of how it was) itself has been described as abundant and was overflowing with Hollyhocks (apparently Vanessa Bell's favourite) and giant towering and purple flowering artichokes, fruit trees, zinnias and roses. It was a great deviation of the clipped and prim, 'controlled' gardens that had dominated garden design philosophy in western Europe.

All photos taken by myself. Photos of the interior of the house is not allowed unfortunately,however there are some good guidebooks which can give you a good insight,

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Summer dreaming

Image from Shop Spanish Moss, a Vintage clothing and accessories shop based in the U.S.
This summer in the South East of England has been super hot. Apparently a couple of weeks ago the hottest in 40 years!

My recent months have left me rather jaded, I have had three roles in the past two years and it makes me tired to think about where I will be heading next. But why should it be that way? One shouldn't let life just 'happen' to them? I have been thinking about what I want to do in the medium to long term.A portfolio career is hopefully around the corner.

Although being an accountant is fairly secure I have very little job satisfaction. I have been seriously thinking about working with food, a supper club, styling food and the arts, a curators course is on the cards as well as Moorish Islamic art studies. My recent travels were in Morocco, South of Spain and Portugal (for 2.5 days!!) and I was fascinated by the arts and patterns in the Magreb and preserved from Arab Andalusia in Spain and Portugal. There is a lot of geometry and repeated patterns and I find them beautiful.

I also would like to create a portfolio of vintage clothing studies. I have a great passion for vintage clothing and want to study and document this somehow.

I hope you are having a good summer so far.

Moorish tiles, photo taken at The Palace of Sintra in Portugal, April 2017

Sunday, 7 May 2017


I recently travelled to Lisbon for one day (I know, crazy right? I love being spontaneous) normally April is a rainy month but I was lucky as the sun was out and it was rather warm.

I met a lovely Lady called Noura on a tour of the Alfama district in Lisbon, my iPhone kept playing up so she kindly sent me some of her photos. Lisbon is a beautiful city with character and culture, I hope to travel there again for a longer period of time! 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Vintage - Shop Spanish Moss

Image copyright- Shop Spanish Moss- from website dated 06/05/2017

One of my favourite online vintage sites is Shop Spanish Moss. Shop Spanish Moss is a US based Vintage clothing and accessorise business which sells quality vintage items which can be special wear, day to day casual wear (amazing vintage tees), boho and for those who like to collect beautiful vintage clothing . Their items sell out super quick. I came across these Pants- Van Lear Rose pants as Shop Spanish Moss calls them and fell for them.  Unfortunately this was sold out, as with nearly all vintage there are no duplicates readily available or without a thorough search.

I thought I would try searching for these pants or at least a similar pair, before trying to forget....my desire for vintage can be a little obsessive sometimes. I searched on Esty and came across these below, which looks identical to the Van Lear Rose Pants, but with no belt. The photo above looks like the pants have a dark purple background but that could possibly be the lighting?  Anyway I'm pleased with my searching skills.....It's always worth searching on Esty, Ebay and any other sites for anything that's sold out or snapped up.

Another thing that crossed my mind is that I probably would not have considered looking at the pants on Esty if I had not come across the curated version by Shop Spanish Moss first. Curating and advertising aspirations are powerful tools in the apparel industry.

However it is important that you choose items that are "you" or your aspirations otherwise buying things 'just because' becomes soulless and dare I say depressing, (I have been there).

Etsy shop ReluctantDamsel