Saturday, 8 June 2013

On simplicity

Dress by Balenciaga image credit
Simplicity in clothing to me is all about creating a frame so the focus is on you more than the item of clothing itself. Take the above image for example, were your eyes initially drawn to the woman or the actual dress?

Business and corporate attire tend to be simple for this reason.  Recently I have become drawn to simple clothing, essentially I am crazy about prints but there is something refreshing and focused about white and cream clothing.
Estelle Dévé Apogee ring set image credits
If I remember correctly I think Lara Bohinc, the jewellery designer once said that as jewellery isn't essential, and is more of a decorative gesture it can reveal more about us than clothing.  Recently I have become a little obsessed with jewellery, not the fine jewellery genre or the bling genre but jewllery that is all about organic, sculptural forms and laden with meaning and interpretations.

Therefore my current wardrobe of choice are simple classic outfits with jewellery that I love.

I'm planning on learning more about jewellery around the world and the history of jewellery and shall share my discoveries on this blog.

What about you are you a fan of simplicity or like me a little conflicted and in love with prints?  What is your interpretation of jewellery?



  1. Im a big fan of simple, beautiful but bold jewelry, it certainly can say so much about us. I am absolutely in love with twig/ branch rings, there is a tonne on etsy that are stunning, you should see my likes!

    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  2. Thanks Eloise I shall check these out. Polly x