Sunday, 14 April 2013

Personal style

"The world of jewellery can be challenging, polarised between branded mass-market fashion pieces and the colourful, frequently vulgar glitz of the rich and famous. The more interesting scene lies somewhere in between, and that's where you will find the likes of Estelle Dévé."
Because magazine

Image from campaign - explosions in the sky

With life and the passing of time, perceptions, life happenings and different paths tint and colour our lifestyle and aspirations. I have personally taken a more simplified approach to style choosing to reject mass consumerism and to focus on  sustainability, quality and craftsmanship.

A few of the ways I shall do this are:
1- seek independent designers for unique style and to support emerging talent or boutiques in villages .An adventure for me away from lazy Internet and high street shopping and to curb wasteful spending.
2- choose ethical brands where possible and find out more about where products and produce are from.
3- choose quality over quantity for items which I can wear until I'm old and to give away as mini treasures (sentimental) to family or charity when I am gone.

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