Sunday, 3 March 2013


A year ago I never saw the big deal with simple classic clothing.  Why spend money on simple toned garments?  Answer- It's all about the cut, the quality and the the fact such pieces are timeless.  Also such pieces let the face,hair and figure be the focus of the portrait- think Audrey Hepburn style. This style creates a frame for the person. No wonder many designers wear black.

My clothing phases from my early twenties consisted of a few items from Primark, most from H&M and a few pieces from Zara and ebay. These were largely girly or frilly clothing mainly with prints. Now looking at my wardrobe I need to spend an afternoon sifting through to throw away, donate to charity and sell a few good quality items on ebay.

As with life we go through phases and I think there are times where some of our clothes are no longer part of us, like people we used to know years ago, would these people be part of your life today? Time to move on and not delude ourselves with rose tinted glasses.

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