Friday, 1 February 2013

Vintage dreams chapter 1

sourced by Frock n Roll - vintage dress 60s-70s period, label unknown(model is not me, source ebay site)

I'm sure you have felt super excited when you came across something which you instantly love but you never knew existed before,  like a book you read that becomes your favourite, a poem that makes you feel better and reflective, a piece of jewellery that you happen you see when walking past shops and becomes your signature piece.....

Well I came across this dress and it kinda shrieked "this is so meeeee", sure it's not a dress to be worn often especially as my field of work is formal wear but it a dress for beautiful days. I have a few vintage clothes, some which I regret buying but this one is The Queen.

Recently I have been favouring simple colours and cuts, timeless pieces and simple designs as part of my day to day wardrobe. Scandanavian brands lead in the style type of  simple but classic plus some quirky cuts.

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