Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wishlist for 2013

Lauren Bacall- I wish to look as glamorous as her...
After reading a few Christmas lists on I was inspired to write a wishlist for 2013:

1. Dickens book set
I have nostalgia for A Christmas Carol every Christmas and enjoy the BBC Charles Dickens adaptations, so feel a deep need to read more of his books.
2. Der liebling amethyst and Low quarz necklaces from Der liebling x martisa collection
I love beautiful crystals and it reminds me of our connection with the earth and that beauty can be found in the most unlikeliest of places. Wearing crystal necklaces therefore for me reminds me of this and is life affirming for me.
3. Magazines
I wish to read more magazines this coming year, mainly The Paris Review to open my horizons on the literary world. Tank magazine and The Gentlewoman to discover gems and learn more about current trends, culture, style and art.  Self service magazine as it sounds and from Garance Dore's interviews (see her website for the interview videos) looks fabulous.  I often gain inspiration from such magazines for my wardrobe style and lifestyle by seeking out books, imitations clothing, vintage clothing, jewellery and films inspired by the magazines content.
4. Silk shirts
My mother would disagree  arguing too expensive and not worth it-  but I find silk shirts beautiful and so classic to wear with trousers and skirts. J Crew, Uniqlo (currently) and of course Equipment sell some in fabulous colours.
5. Portrait painting
I want to learn to paint portraits in 2013
6. Be happier and relaxed
Read Instructions for happiness and success by Susie Pearl. Eat well, exercise and spend time with people who care.

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