Saturday, 3 November 2012

Work-life balance

Work life balance for most people this is an issue.  How can one truly balance work and life without sacrificing too much either side?

I have suffered from this problem a lot.  I often focused too much on work and neglected keeping up with family and cherished friends, but looking at this I think most people do.  Marching to the rhythm of work, pay, bills and escaping in TV shows and holidays is a fabric of many peoples lives in the UK.

Some people even neglect their health, like me.  I hardly exercise, I used to a year ago, going to a fitness centre, Curves, for women.  No I hardly do anything.   It is so bad, I need to change this right now.  I don't eat healthily either and often skip lunch , yes, yes I sound like a crazy woman, I am crazy.    So yes, my list is to:

1) Eat fruit and vegetables- no junk food or skipping lunch
2) Exercise- cycling, yoga, pilates, running

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