Saturday, 6 October 2012

Life changes.....

The last few weeks and to an extent years have been traumatic for me. My health and morale suffered heavily.   In a society where we live by work, life can feel meaningless, by work I mean working for a company. I often worked after work at home to sometimes to 10pm, weekends, even checking work emails on holiday leave and while on the move ~ but this was for free.  When you work for a company as an employee you can become part of it intrinsically and it feels like you are owned by them.

This is not true, you belong to yourself.  The past few years I felt trapped as my efforts and capabilities were not being recognised.  I sacrificed time, and even study time to think about work and dare I say it to gain recognition. This didn't happen.  I learnt the hard way is that it is best to look after yourself and your health and work in an area which you will enjoy.

I now hope to develop myself, to gain more confidence and learn new skills to work in a more dynamic field.

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