Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Several years ago I was studying for a postgraduate diploma.  There was a summer school in Wye, Kent at a historical site.  We had a few evenings where we did creative activities like creating a bird which reflected ourselves using glitter, feathers, sequins, coloured paper etc.   This wasn't related to the course but was a way to socialise and discuss with each other.  Looking back it was a form of mild therapy.

I created a colourful bird with lots of bright feathers but without wings as I wasn't confident and didn't feel I could do well (hence the missing wings) even though I consider myself to be fairly creative and fairly well educated.   One of the things discussed was moving on and the facilitator said people often say they start a new life but we only have one life.

Yes... even after several years I know that no matter how hard you may wish to start a new life you are the product of your past and you can shape your future.  And yes everyone has wings.

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