Saturday, 3 March 2012

Flowing streams of consciousness

I haven't posted on this blog for a while, I was busy with a few things.....

Raindance Saturday film school

I attended a Raindance Saturday film school in February, it was good.  I find filmmaking amazing and life affirming.

Elliot Grove, a Canadian born film producer founded the the Raindance film festival in 1993. He was rather inspirational in his talks and  particularly this struck home:

There will be three things holding you back when trying to make a film (can be applied to almost anything one has dreams of pursuing):

1) Lack of self confidence
2) Personal self destruction
3) Procrastination

Book club- first book club attendance- Fight Club

I attended a book club for the first time. There were around 7 people that attended. We discussed Fight Club, it is a disturbing book and rather dark, but brilliant too, with many ideological and snippets of ideologies scattered across the story.

The next book for discussion will be the Handmaid's tale.........


My studies were resumed in full swing with two evenings a week classes in central London, with a group coursework and lots of reading and now case preparations to do.  I feel so drained, I will be happy once the last piece of group coursework is handed in this Tuesday.


I have also resumed my interest in magazines:  I recently bought Tank magazine, which is very good, it has a nice mix of various articles and isn't simply focused on fashion. There was a good article about Capitalism and the middle classes.

I bought Elle UK, mainly because of the free mascara ;) but it was nice to flick through, I must say the magic of Elle UK for me has almost disappeared, I don't find it fun anymore, i guess I have changed as a person compared to two years ago. Just as well that I have discovered Tank magazine to fill the void or create a new reading and visual pleasure.

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