Friday, 29 July 2011

Learning languages

I have a longing to learn languages again.

I remember classroom lessons at school, feeling transported into a different dimension through books with photos and descriptions of other countries. I used to be brilliant at French when I was 12/13 years old. I then moved to another middle school which had a higher learning standard and where the languages classes were split into sets. I struggled then and decided not to carry on with learning French. I did pursue German until I was 18.

At University I took some extra classes outside my degree in German, Italian and Swedish. being lazy and undisciplined I didn't finish the courses. I wish I had.

I hope to take the Kleines Deutches Sprachdiplom which sounds cute in a way little/small german language diploma! I will be disciplined!!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Experiencing culture

I'm trying to be more cultured. I feel I used to be years ago, but with work and studies, feeling frazzled and lost I have forgotten how life affirming experiencing culture and the arts are.

So I hope to: Read more books this summer, I'm reading the Tigers wife at the mo. I love fairy tales and history so the story appealed to me.

I hope to watch some films at the cinema, Sarah's key and another film Areitty (animated film) sound good. Also I need to watch Roman Holiday again, I love that film!

Next - visit museums and galleries :)


I visited the Hampton Court Flower show a couple of weekends ago, there was a rose tent with an Alice in Wonderland theme.I felt it was more of a plant and gardens shopping trip rather than a flower show. But I love flowers so wasn't too disappointed :)