Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The dress- floral prints

Image from Topshop.com Rose keyhole dress
I recently told myself that I should stick to classic styles i.e. plain block coloured dresses and tops, however I am increasingly becoming distracted by prints - especially prints on flowy dresses and silk shirts.

This caught my eye when the Topshop newsletter/promotion email came into my inbox, alas I had told myself to ignore these emails as I was working (freelance so allowed to browse!) but actually I have no regrets - this dress seems perfect, it was marketed as a transitional dress- I feel this can be a good staple for many years to come and isn't a throwaway fashion item.

A dark and romantic feminine dress  perfect for layering in Autumn & Winter and also for wearing in other seasons- Thank you Topshop! I'm sure this is a piece to treasure.

I recently have been going through my wardrobe which had clothing going back nearly 12 years and giving good items to my local Cancer Research shop, going forwards I only want to buy items as investments, i.e items that are of good quality and style that I can wear for many years and even pass down or gift to special persons in my life. I am finding that a lot of fast fashion pieces are unsustainable for the planet, are of poorer quality and simply do not last after a few washes.

I'm doing some freelance work while job hunting, not having a good regular income has made me really think about a lot of my bad and impulsive spending (stressing over eBay and worrying about Xmas outfits) I was into over the past decade, how much can you save by buying good quality , beautiful pieces that you can wear again and again in a versatile way while saving/creating time to do things that feed your soul and happiness?